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Tungsten Alloy Blank

Tungsten Alloy Blank

What Is Tungsten Alloy Blank?

Tungsten alloy blank is required form without any machining. The product can be produced by pressing and sintering metal powders into tungsten alloy rod, tungsten alloy plate, which are worked by rolling or swaging into rod, sheet, etc. Tungsten alloy rod is produced in straight random lengths with a smooth swaged surface at diameters 3mm and larger, and with a smooth drawn finish below 3mm. A center less ground finish

of tungsten alloy can also be furnished.

Tungsten Alloy Blank from Chentian company Chentian company can provide several of tungsten heavy alloys blank. We hold stocks for more popular items and we can produce other items upon request. Many customers choose blanks for further machining into final shape. It is a common believe, that only them can truly understand what they want. Chentian company can provide the most sophisticated it or offer the most professionally finished products with different finishing opinions according to usage. Chentian company provide tungsten alloy blank with density between 15-18.5 g/cm3. The product as a fine-grained alloy, is better than steel and molybdenum in the aspect of machinability and physical properties that are so important in semi-materials for further processing. Corrosion resistant it can be stored for a long time.

Applications of Tungsten Alloy Blank

--Tungsten billet/barrel as main body of professional darts, -- Tungsten alloy rod, bar, cube, brick, block, tungsten alloy plate for various applications --Counterweight used in yacht, sailboat, submarine and other vessels --Ballast for aircraft, helicopter, F1 racing cars, and other vehicles --Kinetic energy penetrators for defeating heavy armor -- Radiation shield, radioactive source holder for nuclear U-power, X-ray, and medical instruments parts etc. --Cubes/balls for bullet, rifle, missile and bomb -- Screws/heads for golf club, flying fish sinker -- Bobs/vibrators for mobile phone, clock

Chentian company specializes in manufacturing and offering tungsten alloy products. Any enquiry will be warmly welcomed by email or telephone to 0086 13215340999.

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