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Tungsten Alloy Bullet Shape

Tungsten Alloy Bullet Shape

Tungsten alloy bullet shape fishing weights are really cone or bullet shape and are designed to easily slip through weeds, thus are appreciated by bass anglers. Rigged directly in front of soft-plastic baits such as worms or craws, worm weights can be fixed in place or allowed to slide along the line. Tungsten alloy weight is best known use of tungsten alloy, the weight can be used in many fields. Tungsten alloy weight offered by us is qualified.

Tungsten alloy bullet shapes weights are made with pure high quality tungsten powder and shaped using metal injection molding to reach 97% density of pure tungsten. Tungsten alloy weight is suitable for penetrating thick cover with a weight that is much smaller than the lead counterpart, and letting anglers feel the bottom contact.

Because of its high density, tungsten alloy is the best material to make tungsten alloy weight, tungsten alloy weight is non-toxic fishing weight and is widely used in differents fields, tungsten alloy weight product is our leading products. We can provide all kinds of tungsten alloy weight in strict accordance with your requirements.

We have the cheapest tungsten bullet weights bulkt with various size and color. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question on tungsten alloy bullet shapes and tungsten alloy weight products.

Our e-mail address is, or telephone 00 86 13215340999, we are at your service !

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