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Tungsten Alloy Nail Shape

Tungsten Alloy Nail Shape

What Is Tungsten Alloy Nail Shape Weight? Tungsten alloy nail shape weights are thin and nail-like weights inserted into soft-plastic baits, like jerk baits, sticks or finesse worms. They are used to balance rigged jerk bait for a natural-looking fall. Besides this, the product also used in other areas.

Made of high density tungsten alloy, tungsten alloy nail weights has the added benefit of being smaller than leads, thus reducing impedance of hook set. They are designed specifically for the professional soft plastic bait anglers to give them an extra edge against the competition. It is the popular use of tungsten alloy, nail shape tungsten alloy weight is our leading products.

Tungsten alloy nail weights are perfect for adding a small amount of weight to your soft plastic lures. An adjustment in weight can make the difference when conditions on the water change or you want to modify your bait's action.Tungsten heavy alloy can be made into different sides of it. All kinds of nail shape tungsten alloy weight can be offered by us as your requirements.

Followings Are Nail Shape Tungsten Alloy Weights:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about tungsten alloy nail shape weight. Our e-mail address is, and you can call us : 00 86 13215340999.

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