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Tungsten Alloy Rings

Tungsten Alloy Rings Tungsten alloy rings bears a special property of longevity and high durability, when tungsten heavy alloy is utilized to make jewelry, tungsten heavy alloy always implicates the love between lovers or couple could be everlasting. Tungsten alloy hardness makes it ideal for rings that will resist scratching, are hypoallergenic, and will not need polishing, which is especially useful in designs with a brushed finish.

Tungsten alloy rings are successfully used as heavy industry parts, especially, tungsten heavy alloy could be widely made as jewelry because of its wearing resistance. It is widely used in weight or balance industrial.The product offered by us is qualified.

Nowadays, it is increasingly used in some field relevant to gold or platinum substitution, such as: jewelry, e.g. tungsen alloy ring in ears, necklace, wrist chain, etc.

As tungsten heavy alloy is environmental-friendly, durable and high hardness, the most important is that its density of 19.25g/cm3, tungsten alloy ring could be made as the golden-plated products, such as faking rings, etc.

They are a great modern choice for anyone who values high quality jewelry that will last a lifetime. This is because tungsten alloy ring have fantastic physical properties and a great aesthetic all in one nearly indestructible pattern. It is 7 times harder than stainless steel ring and 4 times harder than titanium rings, its' hardness can match the diamond ,It is hard , stunning , adamantine luster and noble .All kinds of they can be provided by us. Tungsten alloy ring is widely used in wedding.

If you want to know more details about tungsten alloy ring, please feel free to contact us by email:, or telephone 00 86 13215340999, we are at your service !

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