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Tungsten Alloy Strip

Tungsten Alloy Strip

What is Tungsten Alloy Strip? Tungsten alloy strip is small in volume, and very dense, which means it can be used in all the applications requiring small but heavy parts, such as counterweights for racing car, boat, yacht; sailboat, airplane, helicopter, racket, tank, etc. The most popular application for tungsten alloy strip is radiation shielding in the form of radiation shielding wall, shielding for X-ray tube, tungsten vial shielding, etc.Tungsten alloys usually consist of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, some tungsten alloy also contain Co, Mo, Cr, etc.These applications all utilize its superior radiation adsorption capability.

Chentian company offers tungsten alloy strips that will meet your every requirement. They are precisely machined, wear resistant and corrosion resistant.

Tungsten alloy strips provide a safer and non-toxic alternative to lead. Their higher density enables them to absorb more radiation with less volume and hold their shape better, even under extreme conditions. While depleted uranium offers comparable density, its radioactive nature and all the special licensing required for radioactive materials makes working with it difficult and costly.

If you want to know more details about tungsten alloy strips, please feel free to contact us by email: or by telephone:00 86 13215340999.

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