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Tungsten Alloy Finished Parts

High-Density Tungsten alloys furnish a special synthesis of density, mechanical quality, machinability, erosion safety, and economy. Tungsten Heavy Alloys have an exceptionally high liquefying point and have a density twice that of steel and is twice as heavy than lead. The amount of Tungsten, in tried and true tungsten alloys, differs from 90 to 98 weight percent and is the explanation behind their high density. These versatile materials give beneficial points of interest when compared with accepted high-density materials, for example uranium or lead. The health dangers with the presence of lead are huge. Tungsten alloys furnish a more secure elective to lead, and their higher density additionally empowers them to hold their shape better, even under great conditions. While uranium offers similar thickness, its unpredictable nature, expensive disposal and licensing requirements make working with it challenging. We supply finished and semi-finished tungsten alloy products. Tungsten Alloy Parts might be discovered in an extremely assorted go of modern and provincial segments, they all have one thing in as a relatable point: good properties, erosion and wear. We are willing to try our best to offer competitive products for you.

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