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Thin, lightweight and easy to use, the Pro-Tec II is designed to reduce hand exposure for clinicians during preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals.The barrel of the shield is constructed of 2 mm thick tungsten that will reduce radiation exposure from Tc-99m by more than 99% attenuation for Tc-99 tested with TLD chips. A 5.05 density lead glass window provides protection and visibility. A white reflective surface on the shield interior improves viewing of the syringe's markings and fluid content. A bezel around the lead glass helps protect it from scratching or breaking. A thumbscrew holds syringes firmly in place.


Pro-Tec® II Syringe Shields accommodate the standard sized 1 cc to 12 cc syringes.

2 mm thick Tungsten shielding

5.05 density lead glass window


Fits most disposable syringes

Unobstructed visibility to tip of syringe

Easily sanitized with alcohol wipes

SYRINGE SHIELD with lead glass window: 007-909

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